Mayuri Sadoine

Biophysicist & Microbiologist Making Biosensors for Studying Plant-Microbe Systems

Curriculum vitae

"I never lose. I either win or learn" -Nelson Mandela

Department of Biology

Heinrich Heine Universität

Universitätstrasse 1, 40225 Düsseldorf (Germany)

Healthy work

Supporting efforts to improve healthy work and work-life balance

I am particularly sensitive in the efforts that are made to improve work conditions at all level of the academic career. I think there is a big room for improvement. For instance, during my postdoctoral phase, I have already been employed under 6 working  contracts  with some of them as short as 4 or 6 months and others as part time only over 6 years. That is only one of the multiple factors that, if not tackle wisely, can render work conditions unhealthy and prevent a proper work-life balance. There are many other aspects which most may apply at every level of the academic career including even tenure-track. As I worry for the next generations of Professors "in-the-making", I am particularly willing to support efforts and initiatives that would help to improve the quality of the working conditions for researchers in academia in allowing us to develop and reach sustainability in an healthy environment and an optimal work-life balance. On this page, I will thus post about initiatives I heard about and found interesting. 

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